Our Business Segment

Transfer Center Business

Handling, sorting, and transporting mainly chilled foods consigned by mainly food manufacturers and wholesalers with its temperature at less than 10°C in cold-storage warehouses located in logistically important areas across the nation.

(1) Joint delivery business

Operating joint delivery of mainly chilled foods deposited by food manufacturers at less than 10°C in cold-storage warehouses located in logistically important areas across the nation.

(2) Delivery center operation and store delivery business

Operating a delivery center for convenience stores, mass retailers, co-operative purchasing groups and consumers' co-operative unions, and delivering products to each store located in assigned areas. We handle not only chilled foods but also prepared food products such as boxed lunches kept at around 20°C.

Distribution Center Business

Storing and handling mainly frozen foods that must be kept at −18°C and bonded goods such as imported frozen foods in cold-storage warehouses having the function of distribution centers located in logistically important areas across the country, and transporting freight to each destination basically within 24 hours upon receipt of order with joint delivery.

Other Business

We engage in some logistics-related business and peripheral support business for employees other than TC and DC business as follows.

(1) Transportation of cash and valuables

Transporting the cash and bills handled by banks as well as other valuables, with security guards around the Greater Tokyo Area and in accordance with the Security Service Act.

(2) Insurance agency

Providing a variety of insurance products to the group company, our employees, including their family members, and customers.

We also engage in hospital-related business such as transporting linen products, temporary staffing business focused on logistics, and other kinds of businesses.

Gaining strength
from our joint delivery system

This is a system in which the goods of multiple customers are loaded onto a single truck for transport and delivery.

The previous mainstream delivery method was "one truck, one customer," even when delivering to the same destination. Joint delivery enables us to operate more efficiently with fewer vehicles, which improves logistics efficiency for the customer as well.

In addition, by reducing the number of vehicles in operation, we can cut back on the consumption of fuel oil and thereby lower CO2 emissions, making this an environmentally friendly transportation and delivery system that is also attracting attention from the perspective of sustainability.

Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. was the first in the industry to establish and begin operating a joint delivery system for chilled foods, along with Hutech norin Co., Ltd. for frozen foods, and to this day, we have been accumulating know-how and experience as industry leaders.