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the President and CEO

Creating new value in cold chain logistics for food products

Chilled & Frozen Logistics Holdings Co., Ltd. is a joint holding company formed in October 2015 by the merger of two business companies, Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. and Hutech norin Co., Ltd.,, whose core business is the cold chain logistics for food products.

The spread of the new coronavirus infection over the past three years has greatly changed people's awareness and lifestyle. By clarifying the characteristics of viruses and establishing anti-infection measures, including medical treatment, the world is finally regaining stability, and people are trying to create a new lifestyle while feeling the joy of going outside, gathering and talking.

Even while people were forced to live in their homes due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have continued to have a sense of mission to deliver daily necessities, including food products. No matter how much people's lifestyles change, we will continue to fulfill our mission in the logistics business while adapting to changes.

On the other hand, issues surrounding us are increasing, such as rising energy costs, compliance with laws and regulations regarding working hours for drivers and other logistics workers (the 2024 issue), and measures to address global environmental issues such as climate change. In response to these issues, we will take on the challenge of building resilient and sustainable logistics by utilizing temperature management of chilled and frozen, our strengths, and our nationalwide network centered on our own facilities.

As a leading company in the cold chain logistics for food products industry, we will continue to support the lives of our customers, create new value, and contribute to society.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Hiromasa Aya President and CEO

President and CEO
Hiromasa Aya

The Group's Vision

We are an integrated logistics and information company whose core-business is the low-temperature zone shipping and storage of food products in the globally developing market."
~ We are the logistics company of choice for customers who appreciate the cutting-edge capabilities of our temperature-management systems.~


Leveraging logistics quality backed by our own facilities and vehicles and the experience we have accumulated as a pioneer in cold chain logistics for food products, we will bolster our business scale and expand into new business domains by creating "new" logistics systems, securing our position as an industry leader in the cold chain logistics for food products.


By realizing added value related to logistics and further strengthening logistics quality, we will keep enhancing corporate value.


We will become a logistics company where employees have hope for the future and can work with enthusiasm.


We will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and become a logistics company supported by all stakeholders.

Company Profile

Company name

Chilled & Frozen Logistics Holdings Co., Ltd.


October 1, 2015

President and CEO

Hiromasa Aya

Head office

33-8, Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0056 MAP

Business contents

Business management of the subsidiaries and entire group engaging in cargo transportation, warehousing business, and related services, other incidental businesses



Number of employees

5,916 (consolidated basis) as of March 31, 2023

Fiscal year

From April 1 to March 31

Record date

March 31

Accounting auditor

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC

Group Organization Chart



Chilled & Frozen Logistics Holdings Co., Ltd. was established on October 1, 2015 by Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. and Hutech norin Co., Ltd. as a holding company under which they became wholly owned subsidiaries through joint transfer of their respective shares.

Our group has been primarily focused on cold chain logistics for food products out of the many segments of the logistics industry. Since its establishment in 1959, Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. has handled the transportation and delivery of chilled foods, while Hutech norin Co., Ltd. has been engaged in warehousing for frozen foods since it was founded in 1953.

In the more than 60 years of their history, the two operating companies have pioneered a joint delivery system for the respective temperature ranges in which they operate, to raise the efficiency of transport and delivery. Over the years, the two companies remained focused on their respective fields of expertise as industry leaders in the domain of cold chain logistics for food products. Hutech norin was also a pioneer in the development and introduction of an automated storage and retrieval system for low-temperature warehousing.

However, the environment surrounding logistics and related needs has been rapidly evolving, prompting us to respond flexibly and quickly to change and to diversify our business in cold chain logistics for food products. Accordingly, Meito Transportation Co., Ltd. and Hutech norin Co., Ltd., with their respective strengths in the transportation and delivery of chilled foods and warehousing of frozen foods, decided to join hands to maximize their synergies by leveraging those strengths and achieve their stated goal of becoming a comprehensive logistics information enterprise focused on low-temperature operations in the ever-changing industry of global food distribution.

List of Board of Directors

Hiromasa Aya

Representative Director, President and CEO

Akihiro Muto

Representative Director, Senior Managing Director

Ichiro Yata


Toru Agui


Akihiro Mizutani

Outside Director

Takeshi Tanaka

Outside Director

Kenichi Sugita

Independent Outside Director

Nobuyuki Takagi

Independent Outside Director

Mitsuho Tachi

Independent Outside Director

Shiro Toba

Independent Outside Director

List of Executive Officers

Hiromasa Aya

President and CEO

Akihiro Muto

Senior Managing Executive Officer, Corporate Management and Administration

Tadashi Sakamitsu

Managing Executive Officer, Research and Development
General Manager, Advanced Technology Promotion Department

Shigeaki Sakauchi

Managing Executive Officer, Sustainability
General Manager, Sustainability Promotion Department

Tsuyoshi Sugawara

Managing Executive Officer,
General Manager of Administration division
General manager, Asset Management Department

Morikazu Wakatabe

Executive Officer, Security and Quality Management

Takaaki Yamamiya

Executive Officer
General Manager, Corporate Planning Department

Yuzo Koyama

Executive Officer
General Manager, Human Resources Department

Kenichiro Sakai

Executive Officer
Generai Manager, Public Relations and Investor Relations Department