Materiality 2Realization of a comfortable and
rewarding workplace with awareness of human rights

C&F will fulfill its corporate social responsibility and helps employees have hopes for the future and work vigorously. Therefore, C&F will work on "realization of a comfortable and rewarding workplace with awareness of human rights" as a materiality.

Effort to realize comfortable working environment

C&F increases the number of regular day-off and introduces the cumulative leave system for better employees' benefits.

C&F encourages employees to take special leaves such as maternity leaves, childcare leaves and family care leaves, including paternity leaves for male employees.

Expatriate staff who have worked for one year overseas are eligible to take home leaves twice a year in addition to special leaves for weddings and funerals.

As work style reforms, C&F encourages employees to take paid leaves, prevents long hours of work by closely monitoring their work with attendance management system, and introduces more flexible work style such as teleworking and staggered working hours.

C&F enhances employee satisfaction with a variety of employee benefits, which include services provided by an external support company. With this service, C&F helps employees enrich their lives and improve their work styles. In addition, C&F works on implementing an annual recreation program subsidized by the company to revitalize internal communication and strengthen internal solidarity.

In terms of warehouse work environment, C&F introduces low-noise refrigerators that control air draft direction and installs large area coolers and electric fans in dry warehousing area for employees to work comfortably.

Additionally, C&F installs water dispensers and tea dispensers in break rooms, and wi-fi systems in offices.

For the benefit of female employees, space of restrooms is enlarged and powder rooms are equipped in ladies' changing rooms.

Powder room in Tokyo Metropolitan Center of Meito Transportation
Powder room in Tokyo Metropolitan Center
of Meito Transportation

Effort for human resource development

In C&F , human resource development is carried out through a variety of trainings and supports for acquiring qualifications so that employees maximize their performance through acquisition of wide range of knowledges and skills.

More specifically, C&F helps employees develop their abilities with training programs for respective layers of corporate hierarchy, trainings for upskilling by job categories from external lecturers. C&F encourages and supports acquisition of national certifications and licenses such as Truck Operation Manager and Health Supervisor, and driver's license for mid-size and large-size vehicle. Appraisal trainings are also conducted so that every single employee's job performance is properly appraised and is properly reflected to their remuneration and promotion. Through these trainings, managers can deepen their understandings of the appraisal system and learn the proper method of feedbacks, leading to the increase in the motivation of employees and to the development of their abilities.

In other efforts, C&F continues to carry out harassment prevention trainings to foster better understandings.

Harassment prevention training
Harassment prevention training

Effort for health promotion

C&F works on employees' health promotion; in addition to periodical health check-up obligated by Industrial Safety and Health Act, C&F recommends employees to have complete medical check-up and cancer screening. C&F also subsidizes fees for immunization program for flu and support sports activities in order to promote their health. With regard to employees' mental health, a stress check is conducted once a year to prevent employees' mental illness. C&F provides employees with medical doctor's health guidance if they want. When it comes to countermeasures to COVID-19, C&F makes efforts to prevent it from expanding as follows: installing any type of sanitizers including spray type and acrylic plates, stocking antigen test kits, checking employees' temperature with non-contact thermometers and ventilating regularly.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in offices and warehouses except for designated smoking rooms, where smoking separation systems are installed and the number of concurrent users is limited to prevent infection.

Non-contact thermometer and sanitizer (spray type) in entrance of the headquarters
Non-contact thermometer and sanitizer (spray type)
in entrance of the headquarters

Effort for work safety

In order to secure safe and comfortable workplaces for employees, C&F challenges to eradicate traffic and industrial accidents by understanding the potential risks in workplaces in advance. C&F informs employees of countermeasures to those risks through the strict compliance, health and safety activities, risk assessment and review of related management systems.

From the viewpoint of driving vehicles, C&F equips trucks with drive recorders, digital tachographs, and other devices with advanced technology such as AEBS. C&F raises employees' safety awareness with a "no-accident" award program under which sales offices without accidents for certain period are awarded.

From the viewpoint of working in warehouses, C&F regularly holds safety trainings to prevent industrial accidents derived from cargo handlings. Plus, C&F carries out preventive exercises for low back pain at morning meetings, and provides safety vests and assistive suits to reduce the burden while handling cargos.

In other aspects, C&F gives employees an additional insurance for labor accidents and a group term insurance to mitigate risks associated with work.

No-accident award program
No-accident award program

Effort through internal reporting system

C&F has a whistleblowing system through which any employee reports violations of laws and regulations, and any kind of harassment and discrimination cases, observed. To protect employees who report above-mentioned cases, an internal contact office and an external contact office with corporate lawyers are established. An internal committee for a whistleblowing system set in C&F group protects employees who report cases and after thorough and complete investigation, facts are reported to the president and the member of an Audit & Supervisory Committee member.

Poster encouraging internal reporting
Poster encouraging internal reporting