Materiality 5Creation of next-generation logistics

C&F identifies "Creation of next-generation logistics" as a materiality to assure our position as an industrial leader in cold chain logistics for food products. Through the creation of new logistics systems, C&F will expand its business scale and advance into new business domains.

Automatization and mechanization

In the logistics industry, which is facing a chronic labor shortage, it is indispensable to promote the mechanization of logistics operations and labor-saving by introducing AI. C&F optimizes operational efficiencies with "Warehousing Management Systems (WMS)", "Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)", and AS/RS with "Ready-to-pick warehousing system."

Using a Ready-to-pick warehousing system, goods are picked out of storage spaces and are delivered to the designated stations by automatic cranes without forklifts. Handling workers go straight to those designated picking stations following the location number indicated on the pick list, and therefore, operation time can be remarkably shortened to save the work for locating goods.

In addition, C&F proactively considers the introduction of automatic robotic arms in picking stations, increasing efficiencies in conjunction with an effort for palletization.

C&F also introduces a "digital whiteboard" to share information on vehicle allocation, route planning and work schedule for operators and drivers. They can instantly confirm vehicle allocation outside offices by smartphone, change plans smoothly by PC input, and share notes and special instructions for each delivery destination using the desired device. The digital whiteboard system can reduce burden and save time when plans are changed.

In two administration centers, located respectively in eastern and western Japan for managing order information, a transport planning system contributes to optimization of customer inventory. It increases the accuracy of demand management agency services. Now C&F endeavors to further increase its accuracy for the future by using AI technology to reduce food waste which may result due to overproduction.

Ready-to-pick warehousing system for AS/RS
Ready-to-pick warehousing system
for AS/RS
Rail Guided Vehicle
Rail Guided Vehicle

Sustainable logistics business

C&F actively works on extension of its facilities and construction of new facilities to respond to the shortage of storage space in both TC business and DC business. Through infrastructure development, C&F optimizes existing business operations and expands its customer base.

C&F promotes diversification of logistics functions and moves into a next growth stage of its business : new logistics business for wide variety of products other than food, such as medicines and chemical products, and modal shift with roll-on/roll-off ships.

For the future, C&F continues to strive to establish a sustainable logistics business through investments and operations, which contribute to environmental protection. Our business growth cannot be achieved without realizing a sustainable society.

Aspect of its warehouse
Aspect of its warehouse