Materiality 3Creation of an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role

C&F respects individual backgrounds and personalities such as race, ethnic group, nationality, gender and age. C&F identifies it as a materiality "Creation of an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role", aiming to maximize capabilities of diverse employees.

Support the active participation of female employees

C&F carries out "leadership trainings for female employees" to create opportunities to acquire management skills leveraging the unique strength of female and the leadership appropriate for a new era.

In respect of facilities, powder rooms are established to make workplace comfortable for female employees.

In the past in Japan, the majority of jobs , such as truck drivers, handling workers, fork lift operators, were occupied by male workers , but C&F works on recruiting female employees diligently for those positions as well as management positions based on their skills and abilities regardless of gender.

Leadership trainings for female employees
Leadership trainings for female employees

Support the active participation of foreign employees

C&F promotes the recruitment of foreign employees of various nationalities such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailander and Filipino based on equal wage system regardless of their nationalities and evaluates these employees properly according to their individual skills and performance.

For instance, some Vietnamese who graduated from four-year university, and speak Japanese fluently, are recruited for general career path in C&F Group. They now engage in logistical management tasks in Japan.

In addition, C&F recruits Vietnamese students as part-time employees and they are promoted to full-time employees once they acquire sufficient skills and knowledge.

Overseas C&F Group companies, Meito Vietnam and T&M Transportation in Vietnam, have a unique program in which Vietnamese employees come to sales offices in Japan to play a coordinating role between Japanese and Vietnamese employees , and this program also help actively hire foreign employees. Once they have acquired skills and knowledge, they return to Vietnam , where they are expected to share what they have learned with other employees such as high level of awareness to quality management in Japan and play a leading role.

Foreign part-time employees
Foreign part-time employees

Support the active participation of older workers

C&F promotes re-employment of retired workers at the age of 60, and they continue to work if they want with almost the same remuneration as before. C&F assumes they have enough experiences and expertise, and therefore contribute to maintain the level of customer satisfaction and help other employees develop their skills.

C&F also continuously offers elderly people light-duty works such as cleaning works in premises.

Support other activities

As for recruitment of disabled, C&F considers severity of disabilities and provides support devices for every employee to work comfortably. C&F also sets different tasks and working hours according to individual abilities.

As for recruitment of LGBTQ, C&F recruits them with no discrimination of any kind. C&F educates all employees to understand much more about the sexual orientation and gender identity, and C&F continues to make efforts to provide better work places where employees respect each other without any prejudice nor discriminations.

C&F also offers part-time employment positions for those who have a limited time to work because of house works and child care, despite having high capability and willingness to work. Providing the workplace for them to balance between housework and child-care, we raise their motivation to work.